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Wine Shop “solo Giorgi”

A real wine shop

The elegant headquarters of Giorgi Wines and large bottling center have been enhanced in recent years by an octagonal wooden building with large windows and plenty of light make this a pleasant stop for tourists, fans and curious.

enoteca giorgi vini

It is the Enoteca Solo Giorgi: in this space you can taste so exclusive and unique multiple wines. “But this site is also an open space for cultural events related to environment, knowledge and traditions, techniques used to grow wisely vineyards and art of producing quality wines” with highlights of that passion Fabiano Giorgi this point of animation is the engine.

Enoteca Solo Giorgi is an example that proves how widely it can coexist with business activities that enrich the cultural heritage of the area and to highlight the context of the Versa Valley, an area that should enhance its identity as well that assigns to the products of his land significant added value compared to other territories.

The wine bar is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 to 19.

Reserve your tasting calling at 0385262151 or by sending an email to