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Oltrepò, a special region

A triangle of land beyond the river Po; dry climate in winter and gently breezy in summer, an almost unbroken carpet of vineyards enough to be considered one of the Italian regions with the highest density of vineyards. Oltrepò Pavese is home to 11,000 manufacturers and a land leader of the Pinot Noir, which together with the Chardonnay provides the basis for sparkling wines made according to the classic method, crucial to the image of Made in Italy.


From the Middle Ages to present days

This is undoubtedly the natural environment of the wine since the Middle Ages when the barrels, loaded onto barges, sailed up the River Po and the Ticino to the nearby market of Pavia, and from here, Milan.
The held Casa del Corno, the held Cassinello and the Hill Camesino are an example of how to restructure the old farm buildings and especially how it enhances the area.

Tradition and innovation

With the acquisition of the estate Cassinello, House Giorgi has increased to 60 hectares of vineyards owned, while more than 300 the bestower of grapes.
Means and facilities are not lacking in the three large cellars of the House Chizzoli, Camponoce and Vigalone, all located in the surrounding area of Canneto Pavese. Immersed in the vineyards, they represent a perfect combination of the classical tradition dell’Oltrepò and innovative capacity of a company always behind the times.