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Only in Giorgi cellars
The tradition blends with the most innovative winemaking techniques to ensure a unique quality in every single line of wine.


A worldwide network
Present in 59 countries worldwide with more than 160 agents. In a wine shop or restaurant ask wines Giorgi and you’ll find them.


A safe brand
From 60 hectares of vineyards in your bottle: the whole process of wine production chain is guaranteed.



The high quality of wine begins in the vineyard and is carried through into the cellar.
Aware of this, Giorgi Wines has enhanced the old family vineyards, and thus selected and acquired new land, making sure that the exposure and soil composition, always in the high hills, they were perfect for each type of grape.

Top quality

In the vineyards, to ensure product quality at the highest level, it is practiced pruning punished; fertilization is made exclusively with natural products and the yield per plant is lower than normal.
The harvest, always selected, takes place at the precise moment of ripeness; crushing and fermentation are strictly controlled.